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A freelance journalist, born and bred in Boston, with a 15-year stint in New York and presently of Wilmington, NC. I'm a frequent contributor to both GAMES and Knucklebones Magazine, about the hobby of board gaming, although I'll write about anything that's assigned. Recently completed a story about kite-boarding for Wrightsville Beach Magazine down here in Wilmington, have started a regular gig writing for Inside Pool magazine and write regularly for a magazine in Tampa (Florida Designers Review) about high-end architecture and interior design


baking and my significant other, baseball, board games, Cathy, good television, pool, reading, theater

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acting, directing, playing board games and baking, shooting pool, writing

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OK. . here we go. . Boston Red Sox look for second in a row posted on 10/01/2008
OK, so here we go. . playoff baseball.       The Boston Red Sox start out in search of their second straight World Series title tonight in Anaheim and while they’ve won 9 straight post-season games against the Angels, including the three-game sweep last year, don’t expect that to have much of a bearing on the proceedings. Nor, for that matter, should one place too much emphasis on the fact that the A’s ran away with the AL West, finishing out there 22 games ahead of the Rangers. Bear in mind, as you look to ‘write in’ a series win for Boston, that the Angels have taken eight of the nine games they’ve played against them this year. Three more wouldn’t be a stretch for them.        The

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Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in last pre-Instant Replay series posted on 08/26/2008

           I can’t think of an endeavor on this earth more influenced by perception, than that of a major league baseball umpire.

A strike in baseball is a very clearly defined thing. The ball has to pass over the plate at a height between the knees and uniform letters. When a ball passes through that very precise set of parameters, a strike is a fact. The decision that goes up on the scoreboard, however, is based on the umpire’s opinion.

We’re usually subjected, whether through viewing the game or highlights, to instances in which they get it wrong. Proponents of instant replay will display these snippets of video as evidence for the need of electronics to invade the field

 I’m not entirely opposed to the idea. I’ve often wondered, after viewing a lot of bad calls and a few

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Boston Red Sox in an (almost embarrassing) slugfest posted on 08/12/2008

  I picked up on this one late; like into the 7th inning, and the Boston Red Sox were down 15-14. 15-14!???!!!. What the heck had I missed? Well, for one thing, a 10-run first inning for the Sox that included two homeruns by Ortiz, an 8-run 5th inning for Texas, followed by a 5-run 6th inning that put them ahead and set the stage for what could easily have been the most embarrasing Red Sox loss of the year. As it turned out, thanks to Kevin Youkilis, it was a 19-16 win that temporarily inched them one-half game closer to the Rays, who were in the process of a minor struggle versus Oakland when the Sox concluded their 4-hour marathon.

As it so happened, I was in attendance at the Minneapolis Metrodome on Monday night for the 4-0 Twins win that combined with the Red Sox victory over the White Sox gave the Twins a half-game edge in the American League Central. Interesting, the way these two games differed in character. I saw only the last couple of innings of the Sox-Rangers game and yet it packed more 'wallop' than the entire 9 innings of Twins-Yankees. On the other hand, both pitchers in the Twins-Yankees game pitched into the eighth inning and both would have had complete games had Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire not wisely brought in their closer, Joe Nathan to finish it in the top of the ninth. With the heart of the Yankee order up, which included A-Rod and the recently-acquired and hot-hitting Xavier Nady, Gardenhire took no chances. Nathan completed the shutout.

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Ding Dong, the (Boston Red Sox) Witch is Dead posted on 07/31/2008

           Ye Gods, they traded Manny. I, for one, didn’t think it was going to happen. Manny’s rant on ESPN Desportes, notwithstanding, my money was on him staying. Though now that he’s gone and Joe Torre’s problem, I’m not as surprised as I thought I’d be or as disappointed, either. Ok, let’s face it. . first ballot Hall of Famer, who worked hard at his primary objective – hitting baseballs. Can’t fault his work ethic there. It was the other stuff that was a little troublesome. Doggin’ it to first base. Getting’ a big kick out of failing to toss a ball in from left field? We all chimed the mantra – Manny being Manny, but you know what? I’m not at all sure if I were his boss instead of a relatively (and I stress, relatively) devoted fan, I wouldn’t have just fired him. Sorry, boyo, you may think it’s funny that a guy advanced a base ‘cause you were too full of yourself to hustle, but I don’t find it amusing. Nor do I think bad-mouthing management was all that amusing either. . . Later. .

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The Boston Red Sox at mid-season - "Please, sir, I want some. . more?" posted on 07/10/2008

           Hey, Sox Fans, how’s it been goin’? Been a while. . .

            I’ll be honest with you, following the Red Sox on a daily basis can turn into a full-time job, and this doesn’t even include the other teams you tend to watch as they jockey with the Sox for position. Just got out of the habit of writing about them.

           Watched them split with the Yankees last weekend. Nothing to say. All the talk about the ‘whys’ and the ‘wherefores’ and why so-and-so’s batting average was so abysmal, didn’t mean a thing to me. Well, at least not all of it (there was something clearly ‘up’ with Manny in this slump of his).

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