A golden season has been recognized by the Cardinals and Red Sox during this two-game interleague series, which ends Wednesday night at Busch Stadium. Teams will wear the uniforms of the past to remember the Fall Classic 1967, 50 years later, which won the St. Louis ensemble in seven games.

The Red Sox and the Cardinals have faced each other four times in the World Series, with the Cardinals winning the first two (1946 and 1967) and the Red Sox emerging victorious in 2004 and 2013.

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The current Red Sox and Cardinals rosters are full of talent, making it possible for another matchup between the two sides in the World Series.

“There’s a lot of history, obviously,” said Mike Matheny, manager of the Cardinals. “I do not have a lot of good memories playing against Boston. The issue with interleague games is that it creates certain challenges, without a doubt, for us, it’s what fans want.”

“Apparently, feedback has been a very positive thing about interleague games, and that’s something we should continue to do.For us, it’s more about who the next team is.Again, I have many bad memories against the end Of the season.Good team, great organization, has been in this for many years.I know that kind of things make a rivalry.It’s good for the game. ”

The Red Sox will have the right, Rick Porcello, Cy Young winner in the American League in 2016, as their starter. The Cardinals will have the right, Mike Leake, who is in the middle of a good campaign start (1.94 ERA) as their initiator.

Three things to know about this game

Leake leads the National League in effectiveness. The seven starts have been of quality, is third in the circuit in whip (0.99) and average at bat allowed to the rivals (.211). Leake has faced Boston twice in his career, both in 2014, when he was Reds. Boston is one of 11 teams that Leake has not been able to win in his career.

After a slow start to the season, Porcello has improved with five quality starts in a row. He has twice pitched against the Cardinals in his career, his record before them is 1-1, with 2.13 ERA.

If Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts hits another home run by opening the game on Wednesday, that will be the eleventh time in his career to win and will pass to Jacoby Ellsbury for the franchise record. Betts has two home runs opening in the past week, including Tuesday against Cardinals right Lance Lynn.

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