Andrew Benintendi hit a right to the right in the 12th inning and drove Xander Bogaerts from third base for the victory race and the Boston Red Sox topped the Philadelphia Phillies 4-3 on Tuesday.

Mitch Moreland pitched a home run and brushed the second in the last episode with a single over Green Monster, allowing Aroga Bogaerts to advance to third and set the stage for Benintendi’s first hit that closed a game in his career. The ball bounced off a wall on the right, but was officially a single.

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The Red Sox defeated the Phillies in extra innings for the second consecutive night, extending Philadelphia’s losing streak to seven.
Fernando Abad (2-0) pitched the 11th and 12th innings for Boston, who wasted good chances in the first two extra innings before taking advantage of Luis Garcia (1-1) to Bogaerts with one out The 12th.

For the Phillies, the Venezuelans Odubel Herrera 5-0, with an annotated; Andrés Blanco 1-0; Freddy Galvis of 5-0. Maikel Franco of 5-4.

For the Red Sox, the Aranderian Xander Bogaerts 5-3, with an annotated. Hanley Ramirez of 4-0. The Christian Vazquez 4-2, with a powered.


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