The Orioles and Red Sox will end the exciting four-game series at Feneay Park on Thursday in a game in which Kyle Kendrick is set to start in Boston while Baltimore still have no starter.

Ubaldo Jimenez was the scheduled pitcher to open this game for the Orioles, but he had to pitch for three innings, before the ejection of his start, Kevin Gausman, in the second inning of Wednesday’s game, after hitting with a curve of 76 Miles per hour to Xander Bogaerts.

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After the game, Orioles manager Buck Showalter said the team has a contingency plan, possibly including Tyler Wilson or Gabriel Ynoa. He also did not rule out using Jimenez, after he will make 55 shipments and 68 pitches in his last opening.

“That affects a lot of things. We just need to make adjustments,” Showalter said. “We probably will need a reliever tomorrow.” We brought someone in. Probably the plan is to use a long reliever, we’ll see if we can add someone else. ”

Meanwhile, Kendrick will face the Orioles for the first time in his first major league opening since October 2, 2015, with the Rockies. He will start in place of the nudillista, Steven Wright, who was placed in the list of injured by sprain in his left knee.

He will face left fielder Trey Mancini, who in seven games against the Red Sox this season has connected three homers and has driven six runs. Of the 19 RBI races in his career, 12 have been against Boston.
“Obviously I wanted to be in the majors. The last two years have been pretty tough for different reasons,” Kendrick said. “After the spring I had, I knew I still had something left and I just have to see what happened.”

Three things to know about this game

Against right-handed pitchers, only the Braves’ Freddie Freeman had more connections to the thicker barrel than Hanley Ramirez (12). A “barrel” is a ball that has been hit with an exit speed and an angle of at least .500 of average and 1,500 of slugging.

Dustin Pedroia has not made any mistakes in the last 60 games. His last ruling was on August 19, 2016.

The shortstop of the Orioles, J.J. Hardy, is hitting .324, with nine RBIs in the last 11 games at Fenway Park.

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