Evan Longoria fired a monumental home run that sent the ball over the “Green Monster” and pulled it out of the Fenway Park facility at the Tampa Bay Rays’ 5-4 win over the Boston Red Sox.

Alex Cobb did not tolerate a race until the seventh inning, when he was fatigued. Even so, the Rays preserved hardly the advantage.

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Tampa Bay, who came from a nine-game stay at home 3-6, earned just his second win in six games this season at Fenway.
Xander Bogaerts struck a single to expand to 15 games his hit batting hit, the longest remaining in the majors. Last year, he achieved the best number of his career, with 26 consecutive games sticking.
Cobb (3-3) ended up tolerating four runs – three clean – as well as three unstoppable after taking the first out of the seventh. He aggravated his problems with a mistake in a shot.

Alex Colomé pulled the last four outs to earn his ninth save.

Rick Porcello (2-5), the last Cy Young trophy winner in the American League, allowed five touchdowns – three hits – with seven strikeouts in six innings. It was his second bad start to the Rays this season.

Porcello lost only four games last year.

For the Red Sox, the Sandy Leon 4-1 with a scored and two powered.

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