Eric Thames hit his 13th homer of the year as part of a five-run first-round bunch and the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Boston Red Sox 11-7 on Tuesday.

Keon Broxton pushed four runs and stayed a double-batting cycle.

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The Brewers overcame multiple shots on a terrific night for Mookie Betts, who batted 4-4 and produced four runs. Boston’s right fielder stayed on a cycle triplet.

Boston could not recover from Milwaukee’s first inning, crowned by Thames and Broxton’s two-run homer to Drew Pomeranz (3-2).

Thames, the bearded slugger, has fired home runs in two consecutive games, failing to do so in nine straight innings. He hit two of Milwaukee’s 13 hits.

Betts led the Red Sox’s 12-hit streak with a home run that opened the first inning and a double that produced two runs in the eighth to reduce the draw to four runs.

For the Red Sox, the Venezuelan Sandy Leon of 5-0.

For the Brewers, the Dominicans Jonathan Villar of 3-1 with an annotated one, Domingo Santana of 4-2 with two annotations, Wily Peralta of 2-0. The Venezuelans Manny Piña of 4-0 with an annotated, Orlando Arcia of 4-2 with an annotated and two impelled, Jesus Aguilar of 1-0.

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