Matt Barnes, Boston Red Sox pitcher, was suspended four games for throwing a straight at the head of Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado.

The office of the Major League commissioner announced Monday the penalty, which also includes a fine. The Red Sox had a break Monday, and Barnes has decided to appeal the punishment, which means the reliever can continue pitching while serving that resource.

Barnes was sent off Sunday after throwing a straight at the head of the Dominican Machado. Right Barnes has a 2-0 record and a 3.60 ERA in nine games this season.

On Friday night at Camden Yards, Machado slid late and rammed Boston’s interim Dustin Pedroia, who suffered knee and ankle injuries.

Machado hit the sixth inning of the Sunday game and had to elude three shots by Venezuelan starter Eduardo Rodríguez, inside and at knee height.

In the eighth, Machado returned to the batting box and Barnes threw the straight, which buzzed behind the helmet of the slugger and hit the bat before hitting it in the back. The move was marked as a foul, but the umpire threw the pitcher.

The Orioles and Red Sox will be re-measured next Monday, but at Fenway Park.

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