The Red Sox and the Rangers will end their first series of 2017 at Fenway Park on Thursday night. On the mound for the Red Sox will be the left-hander, Drew Pomeranz (3-3, 4.97 ERA), who will be looking to pass the fourth inning for the first time in his last four starts.

Nick Martinez (1-2, 4.33 ERA) will open for the Rangers after winning his first start since August 2015, last weekend in Detroit. The right has the opportunity to get his first victory against the Red Sox. Martinez is 0-2, with a 6.23 ERA in three games in his career against Boston.

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Martinez has a 1-0 record, with 2.45 ERA in his last two outings, and is accustomed to his role after a complicated campaign in 2016, in which he had a 5.59 ERA. He says he has gained confidence this season with his curve and change.

“I feel more comfortable pitching those pitches on any account,” Martinez said.
Boston manager John Farrell said that for Pomeranz to avoid repeating his performance against Oakland on Saturday, when he was removed from the game in the fourth inning, when he reached 95 pitches, he should use more of his cutter.
“I think that’s a pitching that allows him to get more rolls and get more outs,” Farrell said Wednesday. “To be more efficient, the command is one thing, but to try to achieve more rollings is one. key”.

The Red Sox’s first baseman, Mitch Moreland, will return to the lineup after not being in it in Wednesday’s game.
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Only 28.1 percent of Pomeranz’s two-striker pitching pitches this season have resulted in a punch or a ball put into play. That’s the second lowest pitch among pitchers with at least 200 pitches this season. The difficulty of removing the batters can explain why the southpaw registers a 4.3 percent of pitches per turn, the highest of his career.

Red Sox designated hitter Hanley Ramirez has hit two homers in his last six at-bats against Martinez.

Offensive rotation may be a wrong plan to take on Pomeranz as the left-handers are hitting .406 this season, including two home runs in eight starts. Pomeranz has never allowed more than two homers a season to left-handed hitters.

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