Eduardo Nunez took the field on Wednesday in Baltimore for batting practice, short sprints and infield grounders.

It wasn’t quite the work day the club had expected, though, as Nunez was scheduled to run the bases to test his knee.

Nunez hasn’t played in a game since Sept. 9 when he sprained his right knee on a slide.

“More intensity and repetition to the ground ball work,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said. “He did go through some running. Did not go through baserunning but some of the straight ahead and monopoles as we call them, that continues to improve. While the hitting and fielding side of it continues to progress, we’re finding that the running portion is going to take a little bit longer than first anticipated or projected to run the bases. So while there’s progress, we still haven’t gone through the base running portion of it.”

The infielder is scheduled to repeat the same workout on Friday in Cincinnati and Farrell said they’ll see how he comes out of that session.

If Nunez is feeling stronger, he could be used as a pinch-hitter in the series against  the Reds, but at this point, he’s not ready to return to full game action.

In 37 games since being traded to Boston, Nunez has hit .319 with an .885 OPS.

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