Hanley Ramirez has put an end to his home run drought with a display of power. And the Red Sox, who are adjusting to life without gunner David Ortiz, are enjoying every moment.

Ramirez made two huge homers on Tuesday to help Chris Sale and the Patirrojos beat the Orioles 5-2. After connecting just one homer in his first 72 at-bats this season, Boston’s designated hitter has flown the fence four times in his past 14 innings.
“I love watching Hanley hit,” Sale said. “I do not know about you, but for me it’s the most fun in the sport.”

Ramirez has not only been connecting homers, but has also set up a show. His homer in the Red Sox’s loss to the Cubs on Saturday was the longest at Fenway Park in the Statcast ™ era, with a distance of 469 feet. He landed in a parking lot near the stadium. The bambinazo that sounded Sunday was 440 feet.

The most impressive thing about Ramirez’s first homer on Tuesday was that he had a starting angle of 40 feet. That quadrangular had a distance of 389 feet. His second homer of the night had a trajectory of 442 feet.

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