Xander Bogaerts struck a single that broke the equalizer in the 11th inning and the Boston Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 7-4 on Friday.

Hanley Ramirez doubled Aaron Loup (2-2) to open the last episode and advanced to third in a single by Jackie Bradley Jr. An out later, he scored with a Bogaerts single to the frame.

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Deven Marrero hit two hits and drove in three runs in the League of America’s 13th consecutive Red Sox victory in games he scored on at least five occasions.

Aruban Bogaerts was out of the starting lineup for the first time since April 21. Entered as a defensive change in the 10th.

Blaine Boyer (1-1) won with a two-innings job and Craig Kimbrel scored his 23rd save.

Justin Smoak hit a three-run homer, his 22nd course, and Troy Tulowitzki sounded a solitary for the Blue Jays, who lost six of eight.

For the Red Sox, Hanley Ramirez of 6-2, with a scoring. Christian Vazquez of 5-0, with an annotated. Aranderño Xander Bogaerts of 1-1, with an annotated and a driven.

For the Azulejos, the Dominican Jose Bautista of 5-1, with an annotated one. The Venezuelan Ezequiel Carrera of 4-1. The Cuban Kendrys Morales of 5-1.

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